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Challenge results for July

Well the first month of the challenge has come and gone. In my pre FOMC video I warned that I thought 25 would not be enough and the market might rebel. That appears to have been the case. I advised everyone to get out of everything this morning and wait to see how the day progressed. It turns out we may have exited everything with almost 100% of our gains. This is turning out to be one of our best years ever.

On to the challenge results.

  1. The SMT metal portfolio +35%
  2. The SMT general portfolio officially +22% based on the last completed trade (but taking a drawdown and basically back to even if marked to market).
  3. Allan H +18%
  4. Alex P +10%
  5. Charlie D +7%

Pre FOMC update

Semi breakout

Two sectors with mind boggling potential over the next 5-10 years

While I think we are entering an inflationary phase and during an inflation everything tends to go up together (at least during the initial and middle phase of the inflation) there are two sectors in particular that I think have absolutely mind boggling potential over the next 5-10 years.

Silver maybe more than anything is a time bomb waiting to explode. You rarely get a prettier (and longer) basing phase than this one. This is the kind of base that can generate a monstrous move once the breakout occurs. It’s my opinion silver is finally ready to push through the 200 week moving average, hold above it, and turn it up for years to come. During the next 5-10 years I think silver not only recovers the all-time highs at $50 but breaks out above it and goes far beyond $50. If it has one more correction before breaking through the 200. That will be the final buying opportunity.


Next are the semi conductors. I’ve been pointing this one out for several years. Again we have a monster base lasting 19 years. As AI gets integrated into human society the semi’s are going to complete the breakout and like silver have mind boggling potential over the next 10-15 years.

Both of these are suitable for long term retirement investments in my opinion and will produce millionaires and billionaires over the next decade or two.

I’ll keep trying to get more people on board both of these sectors and now is the time to do it while the moves are just beginning.

The half price offer is now closed.