Monthly Archives: October 2019

Challenge results for Oct.

  1. Toth Z +90%
  2. Claes J +49%
  3. Daniel H +46%
  4. SMT metals portfolio +43%
  5. Alex P +25%

This has been a difficult year for most traders as everything has been stuck in whipsawing ranges for most of the competition so far. This is why it’s difficult for traders to repeat year after year. Markets change, and it’s not easy to recognize the changes quickly and take advantage. Most people just repeat what worked last year, and more often than not it won’t work the next year.

This is why you will never see newsletter writers that claim amazing returns ever enter a real time contest. Their records won’t stand up when faced with real time trading. So far over the last two years I’ve been leading, but I doubt I will finish this year in the top 5. Three years in a row would be very unlikely. But that doesn’t mean I won’t give it my best shot 🙂

Time to pull the trigger (discount offer)

I often offer specials to join the SMT premium service when I think a market is ready to move. My last offer was at the beginning of October as I expected stocks to run up ahead of the FOMC meeting, and possibly they were setting up to break out of triangle continuation patterns. Most analysts at the time were calling for a new bear market (these guys never get tired of trying to pick a top).

It turns out that was a very good time to join the SMT.

We are contrarian traders so I like to buy when everyone else is selling. I like to sell when everyone else is buying. This is how one outperforms the markets over time. But most people can’t control their emotions to employ these strategies.

I think another sector is now set up to start a trending move. Most analysts still see more downside in this sector, but like I said, I like to do the opposite of what most people do.

So if you missed the last opportunity your next one has arrived (that’s the good thing about this business, there is always another opportunity).

So from now until the market opens on Monday I’ll run a $20 off your first month special. Create a monthly subscription to the SMT newsletter (click on the orange subscribe link) and I’ll rebate $20 back.

This offer only applies to new subscribers.