Break those bad habits

Unfortunately many traders just continue to make the same stupid mistakes over and over throughout their entire careers (usually this means they have short careers as they run out of money quickly). What I mean is that for many people they buy high and sell low. The exact opposite of what logic would suggest you do. But for most people emotions are more powerful than logic.

In the SMT I teach people how to be contrarian investors and give you the tools to buy low and sell high. I’ve been beating the drum for several weeks now that metals were moving into the timing band for a turn back up. Many listened to me and are already making money on their metal trades. Some clueless saps are of course selling at the bottom. There’s just no helping some people.

I’ve offered several discounts recently to get people started at the bottom of the metal cycle when they have a good chance to make sustainable gains. Those that joined and listened are already making good money. For any of you that want to try and break your destructive habit of selling low and buying high I’ll offer one more discount. You already missed the bottom, but since intermediate rallies usually last 15-20 weeks there’s still plenty of time to get on board.

From now until the open Monday morning I’ll offer a 20% discount on your first month subscription to the premium newsletter. Just click on the orange sign up link in the upper right corner and create a monthly subscription. I will rebate 20% back.

New subscribers only. Previous subscribers will be charged regular rates. Let’s face it most of you have already made an obscene amount of money this year and don’t need a discount.