Christmas offer & charity donation

I’ve been prepping traders for this for weeks. I’ve offered several subscription deals so people could get on board with us and get in early. I’ve gone over the confirmations. Trend line breaks, Miners leading. Higher highs and higher lows. I’ve done everything but pull the trigger for you. Recently the dumb money traders panicked and sold (right at the bottom). That was pretty much the final confirmation that the bottom was in. This is the essence of contrarian trading. We buy when everyone else is selling, and we sell when everyone else is buying. It’s not easy going against the crowd, but it is how one makes big money and beats the market.

We are now getting our recognition week as the last sign the intermediate rally is now underway (and should still have many weeks to go).

I’ll have the challenge results for December at the end of next week but so far if marked to market the SMT metal portfolio is back in the lead this year and out performing gold and miners during this period by a factor of 3. Like I said, contrarian strategies aren’t easy but they are what you need to master if you want to outperform the markets and make large gains. The were instrumental in the SMT having it’s best year ever this year.

As my Christmas present this year I’ll offer a $25 discount on your first month’s subscription until the market opens Thursday (as a rebate once you sign up. Just click on the orange link in the upper right corner) . For every subscription sold during this offer I will donate half to my favorite charity the Fiona Animal refuge in Mexico. I have a big soft spot in my heart for dogs and I hate seeing how so many of them are treated in third world countries. Even if you don’t join the SMT I urge you to check out the site and consider donating whatever you can to Dottie and the refuge this Christmas.