Crash webinar

I will do a webinar Tuesday morning outlining why this market crash occurred, the tools I used to predict it ahead of time, a brief tutorial on cycles, and where I think we’re going from here (we’re due for a convincing bounce soon) and also what I think is in store for the metals market over the next month.

The price of the webinar is $50 this will include a 1 month subscription to the nightly SMT reports. Click HERE to sign up for the webinar. Make sure to include a valid email address so I can forward the log in invitation the morning of the webinar.

The webinar will start at 8 am pacific standard time. The lecture portion should last about 30 minutes and after that I will reserve an hour for Q&A.

This webinar is only for nonsubscribers. Current subscribers will get a free copy of the webinar, plus the payment module won’t let you sign up if your email is already in the active files.