Monthly Archives: May 2020

Challenge results for May

We’re coming down to the wire for the 2019/20 challenge. June 30 will be the last trading day. All challengers will need to close any open trades by that date or I will use the close of market on June 30 as your exit price.

These are the current cumulative standings as of May 29.

I’ve marked to market this month so we have a pretty good idea of where the top five are currently at.

  1. The SMT general portfolio +133%
  2. Michael G +105%
  3. John B +101%
  4. Manual K +60%
  5.  Alex P +39%

More potential warning signs for metals

In my last video I called attention to the potential for an attack on metals. Gold almost always suffers attacks by the bullion banks ahead of options expiration. There are some warning signs starting to pop up that a larger attack may be coming. Metals are one of the most heavily manipulated markets on the planet. One has to constantly be on the look out for suppression. The bullion banks are very good at robbing gold bugs.

Usually I do an introductory discount when I think an asset is about to bottom and begin a rally. This time I’m going to do a one month discount to possibly protect you from getting fleeced by the bullion banks. I’m covering this in depth in the weekend report.

Good until the market opens on Tuesday, I will offer a $10 rebate off your first month subscription. Just click on the orange sign up link and create a monthly subscription. This offer is only good for new subscribers to the SMT. Past or current subscribers are exempt.