Winners of the 2020 challenge

  1. John B +132%
  2. Kelly K +67%
  3. Alex P +38%
  4. David C +25%
  5. Michael G +20%

I’m posting these a bit early but nothing is likely to change before the close today.

2020 was a tough year and most traders made zip or lost money. The markets were either too volatile, which is great if you are on the right side of the volatility but murder if you get one of the swings wrong. And many of the triple leveraged funds were eliminated making it almost impossible to recover from a loss on one of the wrong side of volatility trades.

Trading for next years challenge will start Monday morning. One change from last year is that I’m going to give SMT subscribers first dibs on entering the challenge. Once they are registered I will open any remaining slots to the general public. Stay tuned this weekend for registration details once I finish registering current subscribers.