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Another bottom and another opportunity to buy low

We’ve got a third market that is at an intermediate bottom. This is the time to buy. Not after you let 5-10 weeks go by and miss most of the move. I opened the SMT to new subs for the bottom in gold. I opened it for the bottom in stocks, and I’ll open it for a few days for the bottom in this market as well. Click on the orange SUBSCRIBE link at the top of the page to join, or go to the premium website

Gold update

I warned there would be suppression at $2000

For what ever reason gold bugs seem to believe the only valid investment is gold. There are times however when metals are just trapped and not doing anything. I warned people over and over that the cartel would fight tooth and nail to prevent gold from recovering $2000.

That is exactly what is happening. Instead of getting frustrated, traders just need to look for other trades while this process plays out. I called the bottom of the stock market ICL on Nov. 1, and tried to get people to lighten up on metals and allocate more capital to stocks. Unlike gold that will be suppressed, stocks will be protected.

Those that listened and took my advice are now making good profits in their stock trades while we wait for the suppression in metals to break, and it will break. Commodities are starting the second wave of the inflationary cycle. Metals aren’t going to be left behind, but the banking cartel and government are absolutely going to make it difficult for a bit.

The major crash not due until 2024

Click the orange link at the top right to go to the premium SMT newsletter and subscribe while stocks finish their crash. This is the buying opportunity for stocks just like gold had its buying opportunity a couple weeks ago.