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Gary SavageGary Savage is a retired entrepreneur living in Las Vegas. He has been investing in stocks and commodities for 20+ years. He is a self-made multi-millionaire and attributes his financial success to savvy investments made in owning/selling several businesses, real estate, and, more recently, the stock market. He is also a national Judo, power lifting, and Olympic weightlifting champion, and world record holder. Gary holds national titles in 3 different sports and continues to challenge himself as an avid rock climber, and recently his newest endeavor bowling (two perfect 300 games so far).

Gary’s renown as a recognized trading/investment expert in the areas of precious metals, stock market, oil and currency markets is demonstrated by his numerous internationally published articles in these market areas: Kitco, 24hGold, Gold-Eagle, Investing, 321Gold, Kereport, SilverSeek, TFMetalsReport, FuturesMag, ResourceInvestor, Silver-Phoenix, BayStreetBlog, BeforeItsNews, ETFDailyNews, TalkMarkets, JuniorMiningAnalyst,, SafeHaven, GoldSeek, Mining, CommodityOnline, SilverMarketNewsOnline, StreetWiseReports, and InvestingNews.

Gary publishes the Smart Money Tracker, a daily and weekend market newsletter available online by subscription only.  This subscription only site provides Gary’s in depth daily commentary and chart analysis of numerous markets including the stock, precious metals, oil, and currency markets. Note: I only trade ETF’s. I avoid company specific risk of trading individual stocks.

Other features available only to subscribers of the Smart Money Tracker include daily updates of the various market cycle counts (with charts), an Excel spreadsheet with over a decade’s COT data (updated weekly) for all stock futures markets (S&P 500, Nasdaq, Dow Jones, Russell and Combined), and numerous commodity futures markets (natural gas, oil, silver, copper, gold, dollar and gas blend), as well as an easy to understand quick overview of where Gary sees each of these markets headed in the short to medium time frame.

Additionally, Smart Money Tracker provides extensive documentation of Gary’s trading rules and terminology – so that new subscribers can quickly grasp the fundamental concepts and predictive setups Gary exposes in his daily and weekend reports – for both trading successfully and managing risk.

Finally, Smart Money Tracker provides a real-time discussion blog… available only to subscribers. The blog is dedicated to interacting with Gary – asking him questions directly related to his daily and weekend reports 24/7, and getting his immediate written feedback.  The blog is a wildly popular resources with subscribers. Hundreds of insightful interactions occur each day. Your participation is welcomed, whatever your trading experience level!

Gary also publishes the SMT blog (the site you are on now) which is free and available to the public. This site provides a glimpse into his comprehensive analysis of the various markets using charts, videos, brief commentary, and occasionally an article of depth on a defined topic. Posts on the SMT blog are frequently published daily by business/stock market Internet publishers around the globe.

Gary’s stock market investment philosophy and success owes to an unusually disciplined and keen understanding of market cycles – the analysis of price movement itself – combined with cutting edge sentiment data which allows him to anticipate and articulate how larger trends are likely to unfold, as well as a disciplined risk management system that is clearly explained with each trade.  Additionally, Gary has developed a knack for thinking like ‘big money’. His analysis is almost always in strong contrast to what the public is thinking – and, provocatively, several steps ahead of the crowd.

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Investing in the financial markets can involve considerable risk. Past performance is not necessarily an indication of future performance. The information included in The Smart Money Tracker and The SMT subscribers daily updates is prepared for educational purposes and is not a solicitation, or an offer to buy or sell any security or use any particular system. Information is based on historical research using data believed to be reliable, but there is no guarantee as to its accuracy. G.D.S L.L.C., nor Gary Savage, do not represent themselves as acting in the position of an investment adviser or investment manager for funds that are not under their direct control and fiduciary responsibility. GDS L.L.C., Gary Savage, will not provide you with personally tailored advice concerning the nature, potential, value or suitability of any particular security, portfolio or securities, transaction, investment strategy or other matter. From time to time, GDS L.L.C., Gary Savage, may hold positions in securities mentioned, but are under no obligation to hold such position.