Challenge results for 2022

I’m going to go ahead and publish the challenge results for 2022. I don’t think the results will change over the next week.

Mike G +42%

Rick I +27%

Sybren VDH +24%

John B +23%

Gerald H +9%       (Gerald still has an open trade working and he may move up in the ranking by the close on the 31st, or he may get knocked off the winners list)

I warned that 2022 was going to be a very difficult year and it was. Only these 5 people in the challenge even managed to be positive this year. Only 1st place managed to rack up a modest gain that in previous years wouldn’t even make it into the top 5. I expect next year will also be difficult in stocks. It may however turn out to be a very good year for commodity investors if the 3 year cycle low in the CRB and the 8 year cycle low in metals is now behind us. I’ve noted in previous videos what I’m looking for to confirm this.

I’m going to give the challenge a break for next year.

The winners need to contact me at [email protected] to collect their prizes

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