8 thoughts on “CHARTS OF THE DAY

  1. chris

    You do great charts! Thank you.
    For my own account, I hope these work out as that is how I am positioned. :>)

  2. Anonymous

    death crosses all over the place in the miners. Gold about to knock on the 1200 door again. Gold is going to 1000 soon. Stay The fuck out.

  3. Gary

    I doubt it. Not without another massive manipulation and i don’t know if the physical market can support that at this point. I think we get a bottom in the next 2-5 days.

    1. Gary

      Where we are at in the daily cycle, and the coil pattern. Usually the initial break will last 3-5 days before reversing.

  4. Anonymous

    Good Charts and sound reasoning. I am also hoping for temporary bottom on Monday or Tues of next week….then accumulating PM stocks. The one area that is different is Palladium which has been on a tear.

  5. Anonymous

    Fed went in the game of credit allocation.. taper actually means the Fed is making credit less restrictive for small and medium-sized businesses

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