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  1. Gary

    Unfortunately this is what happens to most traders. They can’t buy until their emotions tell them the coast is clear. That usually occurs right about at a daily cycle top. Then they freak out and sell at the bottom of a normal correction because they suffered a drawdown instead of holding through it and waiting for the next leg up.

    Fortunately we now have a huge cushion on our positions and we don’t have to succumb to this temptation ever again during this bull market.

    1. Ken

      Sorry G-Man but when I see red lines drawn “to the moon” I and other SMTers can’t help but have flashbacks to the failed leap call strategy on SLV whether they be the 2014’s or the 2015’s that will most likely expire worthless. Anyone, including me who thinks thatthey know “what comes next” ia nothing more than a carnival barker. For all you, me or anyone elae knows the early May low in the $USD was successfully tested and its ICL is getting ready to flushthe entire metal and mining complex below what looks like a “double bottom” or an “inverse head and shoulders” pattern.

      P.S. Thank God that investor sentiment towards metalsand miners is still apathetic and nobody believes; otherwise the drop down into the DCL low might get disorderly. Most longs have 1/4 or 1/2 long positions on at best w/ many on the sidelines having recently taken profits at what appearsto be the DCH. A good 5-10% rip higher in the $HUI or the $XAU would have the bugs panic buying in long along with short-term traders positioned bearish like Rambus covering shorts and flipping back long.

    2. Gary

      That’s were we have a huge advantage over everyone else. We already have a big cushion on our original trade. If the market turns and goes against us we will simply stop out with at least some of our profit intact and go back to sitting on the sidelines. That’s the huge advantage of cycles when used properly. They get you in at or very close to the bottom with a very close stop.

  2. Golden Age

    I have been following you on the Korelin show and mulling a paid subscription. I had a wild ride in gold equities from late 2008 to early 2011 where my portfolio went 10x. Then like most I got caught in the cyclical correction and lost ~75% from peak. Times are a changing and am looking to deploy some additional cash over next couple of months. My nightmare scenario holding me back is a 2008 style meltdown taking gold and mining stocks with it. Since the general stock markets will crash, why do think gold will be left untouched?

  3. Gary

    2008/09 was a one time event that isn’t likely to happen again for another 100 years or more. Central banks will be proactive from now on and prevent that from happening. Now the worry is that they go too far in the other direction and create hyperinflation.

    1. Gary

      My expectation is that stocks will enter a very complex bear market similar to what happened from 37-42.

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