I’m going to do something a little different today. I’m going to offer everyone free access to the SMT archives so you can see for yourself how I called the bottom in stocks two weeks ago. While everyone else was calling for the end of the bull market, or a Dow theory bearish trend change, or a failed intermediate cycle, I knew that was complete nonsense.

Far from entering a bear market, stocks are entering the final bubble phase of this bull market. This is where the biggest gains occur at a very rapid pace. While everyone else was calling for the end of the world I was ramping up my leverage in the tech sector. Now I’m doing the same in the energy sector as it is set to literally scream higher after the elections.

While other analysts were telling their subs to buy mining stocks I was warning that the bloodbath phase was coming and to stay on the sidelines. This sector too is going to see some big big gains in the not too distant future. I’m fairly confident I wil be able to spot the bottom in this sector also just like I did in stocks.

If you would like to go over the SMT archives before I publish the weekend report just email  a request to [email protected] to receive the access codes.

The free trial is now closed and the weekend report will be published shortly for subscribers.

12 thoughts on “FREE SMT ARCHIVES

  1. jj

    Gary I wouldn’t load up too much in the energy sector until a close above $86 what the BOJ did today is going to send the US$ Index a lot higher, a big run in oil sector is not going to happen with a 90+ US$ the trend in $YEN is about to take another run and with 120 in its sights all commodities from gold, silver, rice, wheat and oil will trend lower as the US$ rises…..keep an eye!

    1. gary Post author

      I like to buy at the beginning of a cycle when my stop is close and my emotions fearful, rather than let it run up where my stop is a long ways away and my emotions greedy. That usually just means I’m buying right in front of a short term correction and I will have to immediately weather a draw down.

      1. jj

        Well the cycle action didn’t work the third week of July nor did it the end of Aug as you were looking for Oil to trade much higher then too…..keep swinging Gary!…Good Luck!

        1. gary Post author

          Yes I failed to take into account the coming elections. Political pressure to keep energy prices down stretched the cycle much further than it would have gone naturally. Not a mistake I will make again in 2016.

          1. jj

            Speaking of politicians, they’ve completely destroyed fundamentals and seasonal investing as a tool. Dec has been for many years a low for oil followed by a strong run into Q1…fwiw

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