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  1. gary Post author

    Sadly we no longer live in a world with free markets and traders now have to adapt and constantly be alert for these interventions. As I said warning bells started going off for me on the 15th. That was clearly an intervention and it was confirmed when gold was prevented from closing above $1200. The two day rally in miners last week was bait to lure in gold bugs to be fleeced this week. And it won’t be the last time the banksters do this. I expect we will see a lot of very convincing rallies over the next 3 months. Every single one of them will almost certainly be a trap to lure longs into the market to then be fleeced a few days later.

    The only way to win is to not play the game. Let the bullion banks take someone else’s money. Play in the market that is manipulated in your favor (stock market).

    1. Roy

      It is sad, and it is not. It is sad because of where it all will end. But it is not because it makes it so easy to make money. The broad indices are a money machine right now. And once the bull rotates and the PMs have their day, there will be more easy money for anyone who can make the mental switch to get off the dead bull and get aboard the new one.

      Always assuming that our government at that point allows us to keep any thing we earn. And assuming that “the nation” as we know it survives the end game in the broad markets and currencies that is coming.

  2. Nick Studt

    World crisis is one thing the “manipulators” can’t control….seems to be the only thing spiking gold prices lately…..It’s like “the boys” got tired of a once hot mistress, and the hook-ups are few and far between 🙂

    1. gary Post author

      When the US markets enter the final parabola stage and collapse that’s when gold will bottom.

  3. M.D.Cov

    Gary I TOTALLY agree the GLD , SLV and JNUG look extremely bearish in nature while her opposite (DUST and DSLV) are creating a base with consolidation to propel higher in time.

    THE opposite could be said about OIL, USO and WTIC where their base is actually “buying time” before her next downtrend when the volume dries up.

    FTR: Long JBSS (hedge via US Indices) 37.5%
    Short oil AND gold miners. 50%
    12.5% cash put it towards upcoming opportunities in ANY of the 3 above.

    P.S. Thanks for all of your continued due diligence and insight during these busy holidays……. Merry Christmas Gary!

  4. M.D.Cov

    Added another 12.5% cash position into DUST near the close……. Pricing ALL day wasn’t justified must’ve been due from lack of volume so I capitalized on the situation.

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