7 thoughts on “CHART OF THE DAY

  1. Huckleberry Finn

    Zero response in gold and silver with the huge drop in Euro. Looking better and better for Precious metals every day.

    1. gary Post author

      The thought is that once the euro bottoms in a few days then gold should deliver a nice rally for a month or two as the intermediate trends in the currencies take a breather. It does look promising although we’ve seen the bullion banks cap price multiple times even with the dollar dropping into an intermediate low.

  2. Bob UK

    I was hoping that a stronger USD would give us a dip in gold today / this week but gold and its miners are going up along with the buck.

    1. gary Post author

      I would advise waiting for a swing before trying to buy, and a safer play would be to wait for the next daily cycle low during the first week of February, just in case the market is setting up for a short intermediate decline.

      1. Bob UK

        Thanks Gary.

        Fresnillo was what I have been keeping my eye on but it is at the price point already where I would be looking to be bailing out. Need a drop in the price of gold.

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