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  1. Bob UK

    Thanks Gary,

    It will be interesting to see what happens with biotechs this week if the conventional markets continues to go down.

    Thinking out loud here, if the rest of the market goes down and biotechs generally hold up surely that will simply draw more attention to that sector.

    Sunday night will be interesting for the metals.

  2. Stefan

    ECB starting up the money printers next week, supporting stock and keeping Gold&Silver in a tight leash. Is it possible that ECB replaces FED as the tail wagging the dog. Neverthless I’ve got plenty of dry powder to buy precious metals and pm stock. Took a loan on my real estate late last year, 1.8% in interest rate 🙂 this was not my preffered scenario breaking $1200, but new opportunities to exploit I guess.

    Is there a possibility tha

  3. Stefan

    Oups keyboard failure …

    Is there a possibility that rising interest rate is the key to the pm treasurt box? If that is the case how is it possible for FED to rise rates with a debt load at +18T?

    1. gary Post author

      When you have the key to the printing press what difference does it make what the interest rate is?

  4. arthurk

    There appears to be a labeling problem in your charts – #s don’t match graphs. I know 38% retracement is spx 2067 and my target 50% is 2054. EWers are targeting an ending diagonal with top end of April. Also, low in metals with silver 13-13.5.

  5. Stefan


    It’s our Key, The Key to our treasury box, is rising interest rates it’s the sign that both common stock and bonds is going down and the enormous flow of capital will head towards Gold and Silver!

    Written two years ago by a very clever man:
    I suspect that since metal swaps are at the base of price supression, an early diagnosis can be made from looking at the swap structure. This for bullion banks or their colleagues to sell the future and buy the spot. In so doing they exploit zero interest rates. That’s because the ZIRP provided capital at xero cost to fund a carry trade over time. That is to say that state sponsored free money enables the price supression mechanism, and the end of extremely low cost carry trade capital will cause the end of precious metal price supression. Now I expect that interest rates will go negative before TPTB throw the towel into the PM ring. But that time is relatively close. It seems clear that the beginning of the next PM bull will be simultaneous with a rise in interest rates. Now if the Japanese screw with the JGB, (Kyle Bass post xmas interview) and manage to torpedo world bond markets, this will set a few big dominoes crashing against each other, and when it comes home to the dollar bonds they will start falling. But it doesn’t have to be the Japanese that set it off. I do think however that bond yields are the key to the lock of our PM treasure box.

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