9 thoughts on “CHART OF THE DAY

  1. gary Post author

    And there is the breakout I was looking for. Possible run to 56-57 before the next short term correction. Then a final run to 65-70 before heading back down.

    We got in almost 4 weeks ago at the very bottom. Too bad no one believed me and have now missed the move.

    Traders are getting the same undercut bottom opportunity again in nat gas. The same doubters and haters will miss this one too.

        1. ted

          Look at a 5 year chart comparing UNG and the price of Natural Gas. That will be enough to make your decision.

          1. Bob UK

            I am a Brit – didn’t realise you could buy directly into US gas prices? I thought the only way you could do it was via a gas etf like UNG.

  2. Byron

    Gary, please provide an opinion why the gold chart does not illustrate an “undercut bottom”, even though it is very similar in appearance, just over a longer time horizon, thanks.

    1. gary Post author

      It did hacve an undercut bottom, But like oil it’s not likely to be a final bear market bottom. Just the start of a nice bear market rally.

  3. Li

    Brilliant call, Gary. I’ve been long oil since last week and sold into strength today. I’ll go long again on a backtest of the breakout. The entire commodity complex joined the bandwagon today, for big gains.

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