1. Gary Post author

    Everything has bottomed. The same forces that are driving silver higher are also driving the stock market, energy, and the entire commodity complex.

  2. isitpossible

    Isn’t that a giant Inverse Head-Shoulder pattern formation with the right shoulder yet to be formed!!! If indeed the pattern works out its way then it shall not be a surprise to see Silver near 15 area in coming weeks/months.

    1. Gary Post author

      Just looks like a monster base to me. When they break out they can go along way.

    2. bill

      $15 ha ha ha lol go for it short it. Just like it was going to $10 or was it $5…amazing how clueless most people are..THIS IS INFLATION PEOPLE NOT THE WORLD COMING TO AN END BET THAT YOU ALL ARE LOSING MONEY ON!

  3. Don

    Gary is right , silver is looking very promising. The Canadian penny stocks are not backing off and that is indicative that there is more to come. One of my biggest holdings is up 150% this morning, (PGC on Toronto exchange),

  4. Gary Post author

    It’s amazing what gold and silver can do when they don’t have to constantly fight manipulation in the paper markets. There have been no huge dumps since December.

    Silver may actually breakout on the first attempt.

  5. humbled

    been watching silver to base since july 2015. only regret if any is buying on the way up rather than loading up more on my first entry below $14. In ay case silver shall outperform gold on the swing highs in this 8-year cycle.

    stay tuned on the juniors and pennies.

  6. humbled

    seems the targets for silver are now going in the mid twenties in this intermediate cycle swing… also from some different blogs that i have read.

  7. Don

    TLT is at record highs. The bond market and gold/silver has been the place to be so far this year, not the stock market. I am short TLT and not liking it but as Gary has pointed out more than once, sometimes one has give it a couple of years.

  8. Don

    This just in: Dennis Gartman is selling into the stock rally. Given that clowns’ near perfect record of being wrong, that is very bad news for the bears.

  9. Don

    Gary, what is your take on these huge rallies on low volume? Nothing to be concerned about?

    1. Gary Post author

      that’s another of those old saws that sounds logical but in reality don’t hold up when tested historically.

      Many sustainable rallies start and rise on low volume.

  10. Gary Post author

    We haven’t actually broken out to new highs, but I’m going to go ahead and start collecting on all my burrito bets.

    Everything is doing exactly as I expected. The Brexit triggered a short term detour but didn’t alter the larger secular trend in anything.

    1. Surf City

      BTW, I consider UXVY a Widow maker.

      That said, Calls limit my downside exposure here but with upside reward as some of my price channels are showing that the SPX is near resistance. ?

  11. crawfordnews

    It is clear that there’s a hidden hand doing lot of the heavy lifting. With all the uncertainties concerning Europe, with Italy’s banking sector about ready to die, with Brexit still the dominant headline of the day, “someone” has decided that they need to save the markets.

    I think we are going lower over the longer term, but in a carefully controlled manner. They have to give the participants time to work off and square off their positions, or we’d have a true melt down on our hands.

    1. Gary Post author

      I think we are going higher over the long term in a carefully controlled manner until it gets away from them and forms the next bubble…

  12. crawfordnews

    This BREXIT thing is not done yet, there is nervousness around and this BREXIT stuff will hurt many people for YEARS…mark my words.

    we will see some selling later in the week. If we do see some sellers come
    back it could be VIOLENT selling. We are +115 on TICk = overbought.

    Selling is not over yet.

    1. bill

      I doubt it in the states it’s a long weekend at the hamptons and well who wants to go on vacation on a sour note… Higher we go.

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