1. daummer

    Gary, which of the levered oil ETFs do you like for such moves? GUSH and DRIP? ERY and ERX? thks

    1. Gary Post author

      I wouldn’t buy any leveraged ETF’s until we get a clear move down into a daily cycle low.

  2. Gary Post author

    How many times must I warn people not to short the stock market?

    The S&P is 7 points from generating the final confirmation that the 7 YCL is complete. A higher high above the November top at 2116 will seal it.

    1. bill

      Nice call in oil Gary check out ATW ON A RIP my largest holding to date will be a 100 bagger at 15

    1. Gary Post author

      A perfect example of why I don’t short, and I certainly wouldn’t short the stock market. Depending on how leveraged Surf is today could be costing him a pretty penny.

      Shorting just isn’t worth it for the average retail investor. Over the long haul I dare say maybe 1% might make some long term gains. Everyone else just ends up whittling away at their account.

  3. goldilocks

    I think today’s action in gold was disappointing (no follow through). Now digesting the Yellen-speak from today.

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