Stocks: Election Jitters Coming?

Everyone seems to think we are going to get a big sell off right after the elections. I doubt that will happen as we will be entering the most bullish time of the year (not to mention the Nasdaq is breaking out of its 15 year consolidation). The last two intermediate cycles were about normal in duration. I expect this cycle to stretch a bit and possibly not bottom until January.

stocks: election jitters

stocks: election jitters 2

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  1. Alexandru Popovici

    gold has a lid over it despite USX continuing down and I am being told that this is not a dead cat bounce in gold and miners….
    please revisit.

    1. Gary Post author

      Gold and silver both too stretched above the 10 DMA at the moment to have another leg up.

      Looks like a classic bull flag forming.

      1. ras

        Yeah, looks that way: before the next thrust up, next week is OE. Gary, wtic is doing just fine. You became pessimistic too soon. No single method works all the time without some hiccups.

    2. victor

      Hi Alex, do you see reasons to keep metals under a lid when they interested for inflation to pick up? Thanks

  2. Don

    The energy sector has been holding up the market for the past month. I guess the expectation is for higher crude prices and a return to profitability. I ain’t buying it. Despite the big show for the biotechs over the past few days, IBB is still down over 2% in the last 30 days.

  3. Alexandru Popovici

    Gary, I disagree. it looks like we have a shortened DC in the dollar – as anticipated in a post of mine on monday but 1 day shorter than then forecast.
    this dead cat bounce of the usx will put in the final ICL at 1297 for gold

  4. Alexandru Popovici

    victor, I am bullish on gold medium to long term and bearish short term, as i commented on monday

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