11 thoughts on “GOLD CYCLE LOW

    1. Gary Post author

      Very unlikely this is a dead cat bounce. This is the rally that will catch everyone napping and run to 1450-1550.

  1. s29

    Looks like the US economy is already reacting to election uncertainty.

    Election uncertainty (and this will only get worse until the elections) -> worse US economic numbers -> no rate hike at least in September and November -> lower US Dollar

    But this could or course be bullish for Gold, Oil and even US equities. So I wouldn’t short US equities here. Especially since Yellen is in the Democrats pocket, she wants to support the US equity market and US economy for Hillary to get elected.

  2. Alexandru Popovici

    The dollar to continue its decline and to produce a lower low while gold will top to complete this dead cat bounce on Monday or Tuesday the latest.

    After that, USX will move up while gold and miners will produce their ICLs – I.e. final bottoms.

    1. arcevian

      And what price target for Gold do you predict for its ICL for gold? I’m cheering for Gary’s assessment. Will be ready for anything of course.

    2. Jacob

      Looking at the world around me, I can’t see how gold could go down again over an extended period. Even if Yellen raises shit won’t suddenly look good, a month out from the election. What is it you see pulling gold down Alex?

  3. anjing bau 22

    shoulder season, cushing full, excess supply, demand waning……. MSM out with negative story after negative story. Gartman 55 is THE TOP……..


    This is what a news cycle looks like at major inflection points…..

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