1. randyc

    I’ve always wondered why if there was no evidence of a crime, the American people were not allowed to see the evidence to decide but themselves.
    The fact that the evidence is too sensitive and too secret to release looks improper.
    We’ll see…

    1. Gary Post author

      I would suggest this has nothing to do with the evidence, and everything to do with the real polls, not the BS fed to us by the bought and paid for media.

  2. s29

    I think that a lot of people in the intelligence community are not happy with Clinton. Almost every senior secret agent doesn’t want to work for Hillary, because she treats people like shit. A lot of military people are fed up with the destructive foreign interventionist policies of Bush/Obama/Clintons. Most cops feel far more supported by Trump in their work than leftist Hillary. This might be going on behind the curtain.

    With that said, I don’t think it matters much, except short term volatility to the financial markets. Trump will also keep interest rates low, and will be focussing a lot more on fiscal and trade policy, which could actually be good for the US economy in the long run.

    1. victor

      Wow…, I just realize that. The fact that the latest revelation pop up 8 days before the election mean a lot…, it’s a deliberate move by FBI or other big power…., like a stab in a back in a critical moment…
      All those pools created by media didn’t count military and police forces, nobody asked their opinion and that’s a millions of people…
      Trump actually can win.

      1. rupp

        Told everyone I know over the last month that a Hilary bomb was coming the week before election. They are too obvious with these orchastrated moves.

      2. s29

        Ex-Secret Service officer accuses Clinton camp of defamation

        Ex-secret service agent Gary Byrne wrote a book about his many years with the Clintons. He described Hillary as a angry votatile person off the camera’s. With Trump many people say it’s actually the other way around: more like a brass showman on camera, much nicer in real life. Secret service agents in general are apposed by the Clintons. They probably don’t want Hillary in the White House.

        Many people in the military are sickened by American policies of the last few decades. Pointless wars, arming islamist rebels etc. Many want that to stop. Hillary is an extreme warhawk, and never voted against any intervention or war. The military doesn’t want Hillary into office.

        Now the intelligence officials are also disguisted by Hillary’s email controversy. Many know she should actually be in jail. People who did 10% of what she did usually end up in jail for a long time.

        It’s very nice for Hillary that the media and the elite want Hillary. But does the security apparatus wants her? I highly doubt it.

  3. Dday

    So do you think the down move in the GDX will influence gold price or are you still expecting large rally off the 200dma?

  4. Gary Post author

    I take everything in the metals with a grain of salt. Remember back in January when the miners broke to new lows. Everyone just knew it meant the metals were going much lower.

    I was one of the very few that saw it for what it was. Pure manipulation to allow the banks to buy in at the exact bottom.

    Who’s to say we aren’t seeing the same thing right now and the miners are being depressed so the banks can buy cheap?

    1. s29

      I think Yellen will play bad cop this week. She will probably be more hawkish than expected, because of social pressure from other Fed-members and because of a 3% GDP print. I think the Payroll Report Friday will also be better than expected. So I would still expect downside for Gold this week, and upside for the Dollar and Stocks. Almost everybody will be convinced that there will be a rate hike in December.

      But let’s say that Trump wins. The financial markets will probably be very volatile more to the downside for at least a few months into his presidency. Companies will simply not invest much or hire a lot of people in such an uncertain environment. That is exactly the perfect excuse why Yellen still will not raise interest rates in December. Trump also doesn’t care about interest rates. He wants to focus on trade and fiscal policy.

      But even if Clinton wins, then the pressure is of Yellen to raise interest rates. Hillary doesn’t want to gamble with a rise in interest rates if she’s not yet in Office. Or does she welcome another January-February crash like we had this year after the December 2015 rate hike? Not a chance in hell.

      Conclusion: After this week everybody expects a December rate hike, not going to happen, earliest May 2017 after political and policy uncertainty is gone.

  5. rupp

    Gold will rally. Miners will continue leading spy down into the abyss. Gdx at minimum bounces off the nearest institutional demand zone one more time. Then most likely falls to the bottom of to the next one.


    My best guess is one more dead cat bounce for miners this year. Then they get slaughtered as gold makes a new low (1209 floor) in or around January.

    At any rate, the correct buying opportunity for miners hasnt come yet in my estimation (unless youre holding since the beginning of this whole rally).

    1. Pedestrian

      The HUI already came damn close to a 50% retrace of price since the bottom of last January. It could not seem to go those extra few dollars before bouncing though and I don’t trust it as a result because that leads me to believe more downside is in the cards. It is still down below the 200 EMA for the second time as well. On the bright side, miners are a good price relative to what they were in mid August so a great deal of the prior bullishness has already been washed away. Its just that sentiment still remains too high in spite of the declines and all the more so for the juniors. If the big traders really wanted to pick up shares cheap now is as good a time as any to start depressing gold and make that happen.

  6. rupp

    Everyone has an opinion, but mine is to expect the unexpected if you think miners are going to correlate with gold at this particular juncture.

    1. Pedestrian

      Well, as a general rule miners will lead gold on price action both up and down and since we had a non confirmation of the Friday rise in gold prices when miners still fell I think we are already armed with basic information. So facts are more helpful than opinions and fortunately we all have the same facts to work with.

  7. Anthonyo

    NYT Poll shows Trump ahead by 4% in FL.

    Hail to The Chief!

    Baton down the hatches:
    stocks will be let go to 17,000 on the Dow.
    Gold should rally.
    Oil shall fall.

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