Yearly cycle low is doing what it needs to do

Yearly cycle lows create massive bearish sentiment. They convince traders that the market is broken. It doesn’t matter whether it’s gold, oil, stocks, etc. It’s always the same. During the final few days of a YCL we always see a rash of articles calling for a bear market. We’re seeing it now in gold (just like we saw it in December of 2016). Stocks will be due for one of these big corrections sometime in late August or early September. When it happens I guarantee the top callers will be out in force, just like they always are during corrections, trying to convince people that a bear market has begun.

Folks bear markets start from left translated cycles. Cycles that top in 4-6 weeks and then make lower lows of an intermediate degree. The current intermediate stock cycle has rallied for 23 weeks. That’s the opposite of left translated.

So when we start hearing the calls for a crash, or a new bear market sometime next month, you’ll know it’s time to start buying.

We’re hearing that now in gold. I’m just waiting for a swing to start buying again. We’re close. Within 1-3 days.