Straight to trash

Seriously people until you get into the challenge and make real time calls all emails to me just get automatically dumped in the trash folder. You’re just talking to yourself.

Myself along with 51 other people are playing by the rules. We’re making real time trades. About 90% of those traders are suffering drawdowns right now. Most are heavily underwater including all of last years winners. As of today I’m the only person in the top 5 last year that is in the top 5 so far this year. In fact the SMT stock portfolio is leading the challenge by a comfortable margin and the metal portfolio is in third place. Will this last all the way till next July? Probably not as I don’t trade individual stocks, and the way to beat the averages is by catching a big winner. But as I pointed out before the challenge began, it’s going to be tough to repeat. The odds of last years winners making it back to the winners circle are slim.

Markets change and they evolve. Few people are able to adapt quickly to changing markets. Most continue to use the same tactics that worked for them in the past, and often those strategies fail in a different market environment.

Here is an example of what I’m talking about:

When I saw gold being capped and held below the 200 day moving average I knew the banks had set their sights on this sector. I understood at that point that this wasn’t a buy and hold market. That meant strategies that worked last year probably weren’t going to work this year. So we adapted and changed how we traded the metals. It has been the difference between being underwater like 90% of challengers and being in the top 5.

So stop blowing hot air troll boys and girls. Put your ass on the line with the rest of us. At that point then you may earn the right to have your emails read and responded to. Until then you go straight to trash. 🙂