Challenge results for Oct.

  1. Toth Z +90%
  2. Claes J +49%
  3. Daniel H +46%
  4. SMT metals portfolio +43%
  5. Alex P +25%

This has been a difficult year for most traders as everything has been stuck in whipsawing ranges for most of the competition so far. This is why it’s difficult for traders to repeat year after year. Markets change, and it’s not easy to recognize the changes quickly and take advantage. Most people just repeat what worked last year, and more often than not it won’t work the next year.

This is why you will never see newsletter writers that claim amazing returns ever enter a real time contest. Their records won’t stand up when faced with real time trading. So far over the last two years I’ve been leading, but I doubt I will finish this year in the top 5. Three years in a row would be very unlikely. But that doesn’t mean I won’t give it my best shot 🙂