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  1. Ken

    Gary. How about breaking down the Euro, Yen and USD’ s daily, weekly, intermediate, yearly, 3 year, etc. cycle counts w/ the same labels? IF, and it’s still a BIG IF, gold has finished a cyclical bear (mid-point consolidation 2011-2014) and getting ready to resume it’s secular bull market trend (2000 to 2022) then the first ICL coming out of gold’ s B-Wave Bottom should be extremely right translated (hard currencies like the AUD and CAD should too w/ the Yen and Euro BOTH strengthening against the USD too) and buy default the early May bottom in the USD (yearly cycle low) should fail over gold’s current IC aka the thrust or start of the C-Wave.


    P.S. Maybe you and Monkey Boy (Fired Kong) ought to kiss and make up (i.e. get on the same page) and help each other with respect to forex clues backing up your cycle counts? Both of you and your underwater subscribers would benefit collectively! 😉

    1. Gary

      I never post anything negative about Kong. I just rebut his attacks. I would be happy to just ignore him if he would do the same.

  2. Anonymous

    this website is a fraud!!!!! the worst performance i’ve ever seen and the best contrarian indicator

  3. knight

    @anonymous be man enough to actually post your real name. other wise no one wants to hear your bs. I have been a subscriber for many years and I would recommend the site to my family

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