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  1. bob davis

    “gold bugs get caught up in the slope of hope”
    Gary haven’t you been guilty of the exact same thing…..

  2. MuffinTop

    Not sure I agree with this ‘Analysis’.. of course I don’t have a crystal ball, but ‘Weekly’ charts are looking good.. I think Gold and the Miners are in the process of carving out a bottom and getting ready to bounce, although I don’t think it’s gonna be pretty! Buy now and hold tight. Buy more if it drops to new lows! Remember, Money has nowhere else to go in a world of negative interest rates, QE, and currency depreciation!

    Or buy Real Estate.. dig a hole and bury some Silver :o)

    1. bob davis

      Money is going into the dollar, and the stock markets. Gold will only rebound when there are no alternatives . I think it will at some point, when that is I don’t know, maybe this year or next who knows, for the moment the dollar/cash is king. The trend is down with gold and has been since 2011.

    2. Don

      I’m with MuffinTop on the gold issue. I have several gold juniors that are all holding up quite well as gold has dropped over the past month. In fact, I bought some more today, confident that gold is going to surprise a lot of naysayers who are still looking for new lows.
      Ain’t going to happen.

  3. Jonathan

    Something is strange in the stock market. It doesn’t seem to be able to have a dip. Every time it starts to have a dip, it gets bought. And it doesn’t seem to care about news, good or bad. And it doesn’t seem to care about what oil or dollar is doing. There is zero volatility. My guess is that the specs ate not in the stock market. I don’t have access to the up-to-date COT charts, if this is indeed the case, I am not sure about the implication. Is something big going to happen?

  4. Bob UK

    Gary, I notice over on the Kereport you mentioned going into the biotech etf as you think that biotechs could go up 100 or 200 percent – did I hear that right – in any final bubble blow-off phase.

    I had a look at the etf last night but it is at all time highs at about $330 – surely this can’t go that much higher even in a blow-off phase?


    1. gary Post author

      I think we need to get a correction first so it’s only a 10% position right now. Something I can hold onto during a correction, but look at the Nasdaq during 99 & 2000. It rallied 100% in 5 months during the final bubble.

      So yes I think IBB can easily do another 100-200% before the bubble pops.

      1. Bob UK

        Thanks Gary for answering.

        WOW! That seems simply incredible. It is odd isn’t it – most of us can get our heads around a 10 dollar or 50 dollar stock doubling in time… but a $330 stock doubling or trebling. Fascinating – but then, as we have seen, the likes of Apple, Tesla, Netflix, etc, show that this can indeed be done.

  5. panagiotis kalofolias

    Hello Gary,

    Please can you give us a long term chart for silver as well?

    Thanks in advance ,
    Panos Kalofolias

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