1. gary Post author

      I don’t always get them right but so far I’m still good on these longer term calls. πŸ™‚

  1. red

    β€œThe Federal Reserve is not currently forecasting a recession.” -Ben Bernanke 1/10/2008.

  2. MattStats

    Good calls! I still can’t see a significant correction in this market. I refuse to short, or wait. I have dipped in on the long side in case a parabolic move is in the works. I am risking 10% loss to my capital as they would be my stop should the market reverse.

    1. gary Post author

      Might I suggest just putting your stop right below the previous daily cycle low at 2072. If the S&P moves below that then it will signal an intermediate top has formed and there’s no sense in riding it down any further.

    1. MattStats

      There are a lot of bears roaming around, even if they are not active bears. Everyone I know hates this rally, and that is why I think it will keep going higher. People will look back at these years as the greatest rally in history that most missed.

      1. gary Post author

        I think it’s going higher too, but I don’t want to buy 36 weeks into an intermediate cycle. that’s just asking to get your head handed to you. Wait for the intermediate correction and then buy. It doesn’t cost anything to sit on the sidelines for awhile.

  3. wiktor

    Hi, is that possible that we had this great volume just before degree correction? Do you have better source to measure volume on SPX? Please post me back. http://stooq.com/q/?s=^spx&c=1y&t=c&a=lg&b=0
    This could be mean that in 1 week we will have ICL πŸ™‚

  4. Stefan

    I’ve sold all my precious metal holdings, not bcos I consider a breakdown but we are a year from any serious brakeout in pm. I agree on the overdue for a major correction, maybe-20-25%. Every time the Swedish BEAR OMX X15 has moved into the 70ties area it’a a buy opportunity. I just bought in 33% of my shorting bet.

    I would be most suprised if there is a Grexit, this is not about economics. it’s 100% politics. EU and USA do not want Russia to move into Greek territory.

    With or without a grexit there is a correction soon. The current rally right now is impulsive and silly imho.

  5. gary Post author

    And just like I told you the short term down trend in the dollar is over. The cycle bottomed right when I said it did last week. The triangle pattern in the dollar I’ve been talking about is now going to test the upper trend line.

  6. bhowe

    So, nothing is safe to invest in for the near term? Markets are topping, commodities are going lower. Play the USD long is the only spot to make money?

    1. gary Post author

      There are no strongly trending markets right now. So you either have to wait for somehting to put in an intermediate degree bottom or you have to be a short term trader. The dollar is probably the most likely to produce a 2-3 week trend right now.

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