Weekend Report

If you are a gold bull… or a gold bear, the weekend report is a must read. I’ve laid out what I think may be happening in the metals market, and constructed two trading strategies to take advantage of it. One strategy is risky with maximum return, and the other is designed for maximum safety for risk adverse traders.

I’m going to offer a special deal for anyone that wants to read the report. Buy any duration subscription, either monthly, bi-annual, or yearly. Log in, read the report, and then decide if you want to keep your susbcription active. If you do then do nothing and you will be able to access the nightly reports for the duration of your subscription. If you decide that you just want to read the weekend report then notifiy me via email ([email protected]) before the market closes Monday night and I will refund all but $5 of your susbcription price and close the account.

This offer will expire when the market closes Monday night.

15 thoughts on “Weekend Report

  1. Jakegint

    Ha, I love seeing what a marketer you’ve become. That said, you would not have had the success you’ve had were it not for your mixture of dogged analysis, flexibility of thesis and deep, near ascetic humility. The latter is such a rare asset in this field that it cannot go unremarked. Continued success my friend!


    1. Tim

      Another marketer issued his update last tuesday, Avi Gilbert said gdx had to hold at 15.10 and gld at 109.90. GLD breached on thursday and followed lower on friday. GDX breached and closed lower on friday. He is now looking for lower lows.

  2. Jay

    It will be interesting to see if Gold will dip below $1100 again in the near future. I still think this sector can’t be trusted, and we could still see single digits in GDX, eventually. I’m short some $DUST calls, but the position is very tiny.

    1. Anthonyo

      To me, the downside in precious metals is still wide open. Weakness to start ‘shortly'(pun intended.)

      At some point in 2016 gold will rise 30%.

      Gary’s deal is a good one.

  3. Trond

    One reason the gold market operations are so sleazy and cunning is that gold-fervour is too easy to ignite.
    The bullion banks can then fleece the hopefuls that never give up. Almost like a heroine dealer taking advantage of its addiction.. 🙂

    India has turned from gold enemy government to a friendly one. Modi just launched an important policy change.
    If gold can not rally next week even in spite of the major physical buying now in India, then the market will possibly weaken a lot after Nov 6th

    “The Indian government will launch gold monetisation, gold bond scheme and PM Narendra Modi to launch ‘India gold coin’ bearing Ashok Chakra to cash in on Diwali fervour”.:



  4. Jorgy

    The USD is a monster and consolidating the 2014 move. Gold’s opportunity to rally is over and the IC has topped. Get ready for “Lift Off” at the next FOMC meeting and the final “bloodbath” or “capitulation” phase of the bear market. The chance to short the commodity complex and miners specifically was intraday on the FOMC announcement (risky business) or on a swing high during the first 6-8 days into the next daily cycle. Getting married to a thesis bull or bear isn’t what one should be doing. Respect price action understand technical analysi, cycles and sentiment and you won’t need to monkey Gary’s or anyone else’s trades. 🙂

    1. David Silver

      Happy Halloween William!

      Man to me there is no ryhme or reason now as of late with gold and the USD. Both seem to be pointing down obviously while the Euro in the process of a dead cat bounce. One would think to be bullish for gold but hasn’t affected it traditionally however crude has therefore my only effective correlation play at the moment.

      Thinking Mr. Savage has the 61.8 theory on lock down mode hence my burn in EGO. In essence for me I would wait for the DCL swing low from a conservative approach or undercut low for a hero play for overconfidence. Me would not short a bullish medium/long term trend unless I’m a daytrader at pivot points.

      Just my two lousy cents.

      1. William

        Yo, happy all Saints day!!! To be conservative when there isn’t a clear direction is always a good thing to do.

        I got stopped out again right below $15 as i expected it to hold right there. Anyway, will see what happen Monday then…

        Have a great week ahead!

  5. Jeremy B.

    Hi Gary, well I’d like to at least read your weekend report. I enjoy following your articles and perspectives, I can’t really afford any subscriptions to any commentator, but now and then I like to treat myself to a good read. Can you email me as to whether you’d sell me just the report or not, please? No worries if not, just thought I’d ask ?
    Many thanks,

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