An explanation for why I think the Fed and big banks were and are behind the manipulation of the gold market. It has nothing to do with propping up the dollar and everything to do with preventing the commodity markets from spiking and creating another recession.

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  1. Mark

    Hoping that the next year will be a great year for Gold (especially the Miners!!!!!!!!) I want to thank you for spreading your knowledge and experience to all of us and I wish you a MERRY CHRISTMAS 🙂

  2. David Silver

    Spot on Mr. Savage spot on
    Happy holidays to you and all the bloggers here
    May 2016 be yet another successful year financially and more importantly emotionally

  3. George

    I read your comment and yes it seemed as if the fed thought low commodity prices was great for the consumer, however now by hurting oil and metals prices it has thus caused many commodity dependent countries to have severe problems, not to mention basically creating the recession to come. The fed once again by price manipulation could cause a collapse in em bonds and commodity high yield, thus creating a new crisis. See Texas unemployment start to rise which has correlated with the last two recessions

  4. zkotpen


    Where do you weigh in on gold’s intermediate cycle?

    Alex thinks we’re in a new IC/YC rally; I think this is just a final DC before the ICL = YCL.

    PS: Merry Christmas everyone!

    1. AlexP

      Morning, Z!
      Still disy a little, had 4 couples over our home withtheir children, my father played Santa, we sang carols, shared gifts via Santa, ate and drunk, got amused of little ones’ awe and jubilation.

      I think we are in a new IC but I am not sure whether we are in a new YC.

      PS: in my hasty, amid-XMS-party-preparations reply to you yesterday I forgot today was a no-trading day, so that the swing low week will be next one.

      1. AlexP

        ….i think we will not be able to determine whether we are in a new YC of gold until March when USX puts its YCH and 3-YCH –> if USX’ ascent (off the ICL to come at some 95.60 arround JAN8) towards YCH drives gold below DEC3 level then clearly we still are in the same extended YC.
        SO, we have to wait for the spring to have a clear pic on gold’s yearly cycles count.

    1. AlexP

      i guess Armstrong has the status of a guru; to me it looks like non-sense for a guru to have such a call on gold: down below 1044 by 31.12.15.

  5. tulip

    Posted December 24th, 2015 at 6:50 PM (CST) by Jim Sinclair & filed under Jim’s Mailbox.

    Hi Guys,

    I’m not sure if you noticed the blog post on GATA the other day… but a couple of Canadians and three Canadian law firms are launching a class action against the Gold fix participants:

    I’ve emailed the principal of the lead law firm a few links that detail the rampant abuse of Paper Gold in the price discovery process. If you have any info you think might help, please send it to Kirk Baert –

    I’ve also suggested to Kirk that the Class Action be expanded to include the COMEX and it’s various related entities.

    CIGA Dean Dean

  6. Dan

    Nice to see people calling out Armstrong here and elsewhere. I trusted him for about a week. A hot streak calling gold does not make him a god. His computer ultimately has no idea where the hell the market is going next, just like the rest of us. We can only play probabilities.

  7. mike trike

    Martin Armstrong Dow 32,000 by 2015

    Every site I visit is filled with Marty worshippers who believe his predictions are bullet proof.
    He is not much better than Bo Polny based on my observations. If someone bought options based on Marty’s forecasts they would be worthless right now!

    The COT reports are the only somewhat reliable data to trade gold and silver by. Before when GOFO rates were published , GOFO and COT together would pretty much always indicate when to buy.
    Very easy to double or triple your money buying options at the bottom. Traders like Norcini, and gurus’s like Marty are bearish at the bottoms when it is time to buy.

    I give Gary a lot of credit. He is usually bullish near bottoms when the charts look terrible. The posters at goldtadise are for the most part extremely bearish at bottoms and bullish at tops which makes that site somewhat useless. I think we are at a bottom here and am loaded with call options and bought some miners last week during tax loss sales. Who cares if it is the final bottom. I will sell my options when they have doubled and tripled and wait for the COT to tell me to buy puts.

  8. Gary Post author

    I knew Armstrong was clueless when he made the statement that gold doesn’t rise because of inflation but only when people distrust government.

    I wonder how he explains the rise in gold from $250 to over $1000 during a time when trust in government was one of the highest in history. Right when everyone was getting rich from the housing bubble, and right when we had one of the most extreme inflationary shocks since the 70’s.

    Armstrong is in the business of trying to scam as many people as possible into buying his Socrates nonsense. Sadly I think a great many people have, or will fall for this scam.

  9. David Silver

    Back in 2000′ thought Bob Brinker was the king of kings calling the dot com bubble top
    Since then been around the block or two and think Mr. Savage took over the reign due to his sheer brilliance in consistent timing and diverse knowledge of expertise
    Any New Year specials on new subscriptions by chance?

      1. AlexP

        kind of early to be bullish on metals (late NOV) and too late to be bearish on stocks (dec9) for this guy, called C.Maund

  10. Allan

    Hi Gary,

    I didn’t get your point that the capping of Gold leads to declines in Crude. Can you comment please.

    1. Gary Post author

      By creating a bear market in gold (fairly easily done by manipulating the paper market) the powers that be kept the liquidity from Twist and QE3 from leaking into the commodity markets and causing a recession like it did in 2008/09.

      It was going to be pretty tough for commodities to surge higher if gold was imploding. It worked perfectly. the CRB mostly just went sideways from 2011 to 2014 and the liquidity from QE focused mostly in the stock market and housing market. Right where the Fed wanted it to go.

      1. Allan

        So why is it “pretty tough for commodities” or crude, in particular, to move higher when gold is declining?

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