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  1. Gary Post author

    All of my managed accounts for friends and family are now in buy and hold positions in miners. I will hold them for the next 4-5 years.

    I’m now about 75% sure the 7 YCL is complete in the stocks market, and if so that means oil and the CRB has completed its 3 YCL.

    Folks we are not moving into a deflationary period. With negative interest rates and the threat of negative interest rates globally we are on the verge of a severe inflationary period in history.

    Mark my words. Everything is going up from here, and in the years ahead central banks are going to have a gigantic inflationary problem on their hands caused by the mistakes they made in 2015 & 2016.

  2. TradwithG

    What max can GDx go if your prediction is right? Or biotech small caps will be winner?

    1. Gary Post author

      I think both are great buys right now. I have some of each in my own portfolio.

        1. Gary Post author

          It’s not along term position. Triple leveraged funds have decay. For long term you need to buy IBB.

  3. MuffinTop

    And yet, even when all the evidence is staring at them right in the face; the Bears continue to argue feverishly.. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again cuz I like the sound of my voice:

    “Of course there are no guarantees in life but when the risk to reward ratio is on your side — in a big freakin way — that’s when you jump in and take a chance..!”

    Pride + Stubbornness = no money for Bears 🙁

  4. barney

    Thanks for your graphs Gary.

    I am sure the low is in for this year for both SM and Oil. SM looking for pull back to higher low in next few weeks.

    Just feel there has to be a pull back in gold/ miners before lift off.

    Long term will not really matter if you buy quality gold stocks today or next month.

    Can buy physical now and average in.

    Your insight has been a fantastic resource for everyone to clear their thoughts.

    thanks again

  5. Ron

    I second that…especially for the small time, retired guys like me. No time for mistakes if at all possible.
    Thank you Gary, ,

  6. Rob

    I don’t think the bears will give up so easily. To really expect 1300 from here is pushing it and kind of greedy just for extra $50 in gold. Wouldn’t it be better just to sit and wait till May as you have been saying? With ECB and Fed announcements later this month and a 2 month bull run surely gold will correct some. I am starting a short position next week as the risk reward is better for downside than more upside here. Start building long postitions again at 1180 downwards.

    1. Gary Post author

      If this is a midpoint consolidation that breaks out to the upside the potential is for another 150-200 points higher before the cycle tops.

      Never never never short a baby bull. You can sit on the sidelines but shorting is too dangerous. Just look at all the bodies he’s left in his wake already.

      Find something else to trade if you don’t want to be long gold. Stocks are very early in their intermediate cycle. Oil is very early in a new intermediate cycle. The euro is due for a cycle low at any time. There are lots of trades that are less risky than trying to short a powerful new bull market.

      1. Rob

        You might be right sir but my experience when something has gone parabolic is it tends to correct violently. Only thing I see now of interest is going long natural gas. Oil already ran off will only buy it if it gets back to 30 or lower.

        1. Bill

          Parabolic? serious Rob? the Bear was parabolic and sadly many vulchers are still trying to pick at the bone Marrow, face it the corpse is dead eat your losses and move on!

          1. Rob

            I have not shorted as yet so no losses. Just saying I would rather a strong pullback which would be healthy for more upside later on. Anytime you get such a fast and overextended move without any correction that is just setting up for bigger pullback. I missed the run and want to be able to buy gold and gold stocks lower, 1180 for starters and hopefully 1150.

        2. Anthonyo

          I respectfully disagree on the notion of a bull, baby or otherwise in gold right now.
          The possibility of a dive back to December 2015 lows is still present, even if gold will rise again afterwards. Bull markets don’t start breaking out and going vertical in a short period of time, rather bull markets start slowly but surely and steady climb up.

          This here big rally in gold of recent has every marking of a rigged spike to suck in the retail wide-eyed investor just to pull the rug from under them and take gold down again in the next few weeks. A low could be at hand by May/June.

          1. Anthonyo

            Rob, Ive also been looking at Nat Gas long as it may follow oil up , the problem is spring is almost here and the peak nat gas season is virtually behind us.

          2. Gary Post author

            I warned this is how the bull would start. Why? Because the bear market was artificially created in the paper market.

            Now the market is breaking 4 years of manipulation. This is why the beachball has exploded higher so violently.,

  7. Hawaiifive0

    I think it’s right to sell gold and miners after the next top around 1280 to 1300 to avoid the drop into the ICL low. Of course, for those with a very small position, you could just hold. For anyone who is not very light, your best entry will be at the next ICL in late April or early May.

  8. Vortex


    In your paid service do you recommend specific miners and explorers or do mostly stick with ETF’s?


  9. Jorgy

    Massive $290.72 billion selling on strength number printed in GDX today and a $140.06 printed last Wednesday 2/24 in GLD. Smart money is getting positioned for a super strong non-farm payrolls number which should give manipulators a chance to smash the complex. A big move is coming, but everyone thinks it’s going to break upwards… When everyone is thinking the same thing… ???

    1. Anthonyo

      The manipulators are working gold up this time, just before they switch and smash it down again.

  10. Stefan


    “All of my managed accounts for friends and family are now in buy and hold positions in miners. I will hold them for the next 4-5 years…. powerful new bull market”

    You are too early Gary, You will find out later that you made a mistake here. We are not there yet. This is not powerful enough for a breakout !

  11. zkotpen


    Doesn’t the lower daily cycle trendline for gold since January 14 need to get broken in the move down to the DCL?

    1. Gary Post author

      Cycles get fuzzy during triangles. At the moment it looks like the cycle low came on 2/18.

  12. Stefan

    Gold at $1255 is it a real breakout or just a double top ? Weak employment numbers boosted Gold for now.

    There is a gap in HUI at 180 is there enough steam in this rally to take it out or is it also a double top sitting at 172? Only time will tell … I am still in doubt.

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