12 thoughts on “OIL GETTING CLOSE

  1. Anthonyo

    Gold jumps after Fed nana Yellen statement…

    “Yellen sees great uncertainty over path of interest rates.”
    Isn’ this is another way of saying: “We don’t know what the heck we are doing.”?

    10 year at 1.56%! If they don’t raise this year, it may go back to 1.2% low again or lower.
    Overseas negative rates are PULLING on US rates.


    1. Gary Post author

      “don’t test the all-time highs by the middle of June”

      Sorry Dave, but you will have to troll someplace else. We have tested the all-time highs. We came within a half percent, and in the process added 20% to the stock portfolio.

      1. Robert


        How do you feel about gold now after today? I feel we may briefly go over 1305 maybe to the 200MA on the weekly at about 1315 and then a big correction after brexit. Miners are just still way too stretched, I would rather miss out on any further gains than chase here. Avi and Larry says that if it continues just going up then this whole move would be dangerous and could jhave a significant correction to near the lows

    2. chrisG

      Dude, pls stop being a puss… SPX really rallied a lot and was so close to all time highs. Good enough. Cheapo ain’t welcome.

  2. humbled

    S&P definitely retested the high, clearly on the chart. no doubt.
    maybe only 1 fed rate hike possible this year and that would be done…

  3. ras

    OIl getting close? With BPENER @79, I wonder about the potential upside for any rally in the energy complex.

  4. Alexandru Popovici

    The big dead cat bounce I was calling in mid FEB is over.
    One thing I was looking for to happen in the aftermath of yesterday’s FOMC has occurred: USD and stocks have resumed their positive correlation.

    Stocks will thrust on the upside strongly after British elections (and gold will fall) but a no-Brexit vote will merely be stocks shorting and gold buying opportunities for smart money as the summer brings in new stocks lows into the autumn –> watch NIKKEI and Hang Seng they are just 4% and 8% off lower lows.
    Asian market, financials, biotechs and transports are leading the decline.

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