20 thoughts on “Scary October?

  1. jacob2

    YEP, only hesitation is everybody is looking for a correction in this time frame. Sometimes the consensus is right.

    1. Gary Post author

      It does seem like a lot of people are expecting a correction in October. However if we could make new highs ahead of the fomc meeting that might get enough people on the wrong side of the market that it can still occur.

      1. jacob2

        Will be interesting to see how energy handles a correction. My working theory is that they’ve already been obliterated so not much downside and possibly an area of relative strength come a correction. Been selling my winners (tech/bio) and keeping my losers (oil), we shall see.

      2. RTTPD

        I’ve corresponded with Bob Moriarity and Adam Hamilton recently…. and one believes an outright crash is coming soon and the other believes a small to medium size correction is days/weeks away.

  2. Goild

    One way to see the current situation is to note that bond yields have been decreasing.
    The FED likely wants a smooth show with no ugly surprises.
    In the government people are stingy as there is no money to pay the bills.
    So keeping the status quo is the current mantra.
    No big surprises either way.

  3. Goild

    Oh!, my goodness!
    Yes, I have a couple of nice white wine glasses.
    The pasta with supreme lamb was quite a delicatessen, quite exquisite,
    Add to that a finely baked sweat potato and a greenery salad, MMM!
    Dessert wow! some awesome chocolates that melted splendidly in my palate.

    Bon appetite!

  4. Alexandru Popovici

    Interesting, trending week is coming: stocks, crude and USD to go up while defensives down.
    EUR will particularly fall sharply: 1.15 is feasible thru fomc on sep20.

    1. Alexandru Popovici

      NatGas will also find its YCL in early Oct at marginally below 2.5.
      Now it is in the last leg down of its DC.
      It will be worth buying on the first swing low in Oct.

  5. Pedestrian

    Just read that China says it will defend North Korea if the US attacks first but will stay neutral if NK attacks. They are saying no to regime change. In other words they prefer the status quo despite the leader of NK obviously being more than just a little bellicose as he verges on insanity by threatening the globe with a nuclear exchange. Would China feel the same way if Taiwan was the one building and testing nukes or shooting missiles across the East China Seas? We know the answer to that of course and in that second scenario they certainly would not want to defend the status quo and keep the current Taiwanese government in power would there have been a similar situation going on there. Truth is, they would be the first ones running to the UN Security council with a long list of sanctions and blockades if Taiwan became a nuclear weapons nation. Either that or they would be quickly preparing a devastating first-strike to neutralize the threat.

    Just saying, for perspective.

    1. victor

      so true, thanks God “pleased everyone Obama” is gone and Trump see what needs to be changed with relationship with China and our alliances…

  6. Goild

    Well, I had another thrill courtesy of JNUG.
    I waked up and it was partially cloudy. took my BMW to experience acceleration and high speed breeze. Nice fifty miles round trip.
    The fee was like a trade, about $4 bucks for gas.
    Kind of different thrill compared to having 8K JNUG shares on the table.

    Let us see how we make money tomorrow out of JNUG or JDST.
    Preferably out of JDST, to not getting trapped in a falling knife. Though, JNUG may want to get a little double top before falling.

    1. Christian

      GOILD — Seriously dude.. What is the point of these ridiculous posts?? This isn’t your freaking diary man!!

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