11 thoughts on “CHART OF THE DAY

  1. Sooze

    If central banks are able to ‘save’ the markets by buying US futures, then why weren’t they able to prevent the pullback last October?
    Bullard’s promising QE4 reeked of desperation (and it worked to lift markets).

    1. gary Post author

      They didn’t prevent it but Bullard stopped it in it’s tracks and then reversed it.

  2. Roland Leung

    It does not cost the FED one cent to rescue the market. Why did they allow Oct1-15 to happen in the first place?

    1. gary Post author

      If you remember they tried to turn it back around on Oct. 8. Then it got away from them for a couple of days before they got it back under control.

  3. dtrader

    what about Nasdaq 5132?
    Isn’t the market supposed to touch 5132 before heading south?

    Now Greece is resolved. everyone knows that Fed will raise rates either Sep or Dec this year.
    If no rate raise this year, then it is even better for the market.

    I just don’t see any catalyst that will cause market crash anytime soon.

  4. ted

    There will be no crash this year. I expect once this consolidation phase is over, up up up we go.

  5. BenzRabbit

    All my indicators show a massive rally coming to new all time highs in a blow off move – across all indexes !

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