29 thoughts on “GOLD BOTTOM IS CLOSE

          1. JaninWales

            If you just enable it on each video YouTube will try to automatically create the subtitles – but it is a bit flaky.

  1. chris

    Where is that monkey Alex? Spx 2104. Which idiot says he is good. Whoever says he is good is stupid. Why???

    BCos he is damned good! I call him …. The Monkey God ! Lol

  2. David Silver

    Buy limit on weaker crude (earlier morning lows)
    Wait out on gold/miners
    Holding equities with buy limit on more SUNE and AXDX

  3. Tech_trac

    Unless commodities stop falling, the only hope for a REVERSAL from the cyclical (?) bear’s clutches is an increase in the “safe harbor ” premium which on Wed was…$1054/966.6=9.2%
    a bottom? perhaps THE bottom?

  4. Mark

    how long do you think the next leg up of the secular bull market (if it still exist of course) will take to reach its top?
    I we take the last bull market of the 60’s-70’s the last leg went from $100 to $860 in about 4 years.
    But this is a much longer bull (if still exixt ) and I’m in trouble to determine a period of time for the last top.

    1. Gary Post author

      The parabola could happen pretty quick once the final bottom is in and gold breaks above 1900. Maybe by 2020.

  5. David Silver

    Crude Premonition (FWIW):
    Temp bottom 12/14 (wedge trendline support)
    Timing band expires in 3 weeks
    Look for 40 wma for target (trendline resistance)
    Target 1: $43.54 (historical support/resistance)
    Target 2: $48.87 – $49.11 (historical cluster zone)
    Eventual downside target: $32.99
    Buy open long crude or
    Limit pricing via crude $34.53 for best bet

  6. Stefan

    Gary calling the bottom again 🙂 I changed my mind a bit, but I think I will go back to the MAIN LOW in late 2018/early 2019. What significant event could trigger such an outcome?

    1. Gary Post author

      There has to be a bottom somewhere, and every ICL is a potential bottom, and a YCL an even bigger potential for THE bottom.

  7. David Silver

    Sold all equities due to:
    US Indices bearish indicators
    Added 2nd tranche in crude weakness long

  8. Bill in Tokyo

    ICL … YCL … C Wave …. CYCLES ARE BACK!

    So Gary, is there a long term cycle for gold, something that would predict the bottom in 2001, and the top in 2011? If so does it say that we bottom round about here, +/- a year? Or has manipulation stretched it so that it’s useless to predict anything this time around? Maybe show it if it isn’t proprietary. Thanks.

  9. nick

    Gary, Shouldn’t we all be watching silver because it would lead gold , right? Or will gold lead silver this time? Would a weekly close on SLV of $14.15 be bullish for gold?

  10. Roland Leung

    Any reason why the expected exponential rally that were predicted for the Nasdog 100 since Oct did not materialize yet? And what makes you change your opinion now to range-bound market?

      1. Jacob

        That’s what I think. He has been right over the last few years but I fully believe he will be calling a lower bottom to come after gold has bottomed. I read him but don’t trust him

        1. Mark

          I really hope he will be totally wrong!
          Unfortunaletly he has been totally right until now since 2011.
          That damn “socrates”…..I’d like to blow it up 🙂

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