25% off offer

I will let the 25% off special run till Sunday night. It will expire on Monday morning.

Purchase a yearly subscription to the SMT and I will rebate $50 back off the $200 price.

First time subscribers only.

16 thoughts on “25% off offer

  1. Summer

    Hey Gary, would this apply for a annual renewal/extension, or is it only for new subs?

  2. Galen

    Just a note for people sitting on the fence about whether or not to sign up to the site. I have been on this site for less than a year and have been repaid many times the price of subscription. If you want to do hands on investing you cannot do without the expertise of Gary and many others whom Gary allows to post. There are a lot of us on this site who feel this way. As you will find out. Success to all.

  3. Bluebear87

    Jesus people a NO brainer here…….
    Gary was pretty much THE only camp calling for a bottom in miners all last quarter of 2015 and NAILED it!
    He should be charging 25% MORE just for that IMHO

  4. Duke


    With all due respect, I’m confused with your statement from a few days ago” All of my managed accounts for friends and family are now in buy and hold positions in miners. I will hold them for the next 4-5 years.” and then yesterday you say you are taking profits. Are you buying and holding or are you trading?

    1. Gary Post author

      For SMT subs I will try to avoid drawdowns if possible. For all the accounts that I manage I’m not worrying about corrective moves. All positions are long term to take advantage of capital gains tax rates.

      The vast majority of traders can’t hang on during an intermediate degree correction. They end up selling at the bottom and buying at the top. For those people I try to get them out at tops and back in at bottoms.

  5. Dammendorf

    The only losers will be those who decide to sell too soon!

    Spanish Mountain Gold Ltd – potential 250/350 bagger

  6. Gamble

    Hey Gary

    Just a quick question , with the yearly subscription are we getting recommended trades on certain vehicles and are we also learning how to count cycles (learn how to trade cycles?)

    Thank you

  7. Guych

    I’ve just subscribed for the first time. I hope the subscription is beneficial for someone located in East Asia, as opposed to the US.

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