Buy low, sell high: Easy to say, but hard to do

buy low, sell high

This is the last day to get the money back guarantee.

Yesterday was the optimal day to buy long when stocks completed the swing low. It’s not too late to buy today. But if you wait till your emotions give you the all clear then you are just making the classic retail trader mistake of buying high, and selling low. Now is the time to get on board when your risk is lowest and upside potential the largest.

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    1. Gary Post author

      I did note that last night, but the money flow numbers aren’t 100%. I tend to trust them less when we are in the timing band for a rally out of a cycle low.

  1. itsinthedna

    I’m on the sidelines. Could be a H&S chart as well. Looking to pick up some weak names like AAPL, WDC, MU, GILD, RIO

  2. Joseph69

    Bought my LABU back at 25.64 this morning.
    Save closed to 2 bucks. Hope you’re right Gary.


    1. Gary Post author

      Hmm I’m meant to use 5. The result is the same though. 90% of the time buying oversold and selling overbought is the correct strategy.

  3. Dave

    Starting Thursday, and for the next 6 weeks is the second weakest period in the stock market.

  4. andballstoyou

    I still think DCL is not in yet, but so many conflicting indicators with VIX and Puts.
    Put buying and buying of inverse funds looks like the beginning of a multi year bull market while other indicators point to more down. I like Biotech here and I think it will outperform specially the GILD and Concordias trading at single digit P/Es

        1. andballstoyou

          3X funds are in a class of their own.
          You just rent them, never own them or the decay will eat you alive.

  5. Don

    TLT and gold are both up on the day while the S&P moves up strongly. As well, the daily RSI turned up from a relatively high level of 45. The rally make go on for a few more days but it looks suspiciously manufactured. On the other hand, Gartman just became bearish on equities yesterday and that goof is usually on the wrong side of any move.

    1. rayalex123

      Yes, DUST is extremely overbought and should do well for the next few weeks based on Gary’s analysis.

    2. Gary Post author

      You can hedge a long term position but I wouldn’t suggest an outright short. There are better things to do with your capital.

  6. Don

    Amazon is up 16.8% in the last 8 trading days. Well, they did make a profit last quarter so I guess that is a cause for exuberance.

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