As of the last completed trades:

The stock portfolio is up 45% since the beginning of 2015. We are handily outperforming the S&P which is up 2.1% during this time.

The metals portfolio is up 56%. Again handily outperforming the HUI which is up 19% during this period.

The energy portfolio is down 9%. Slightly better than the XLE which is down 13%. I’m confident we will be well into the green by the end of the year but I misjudged the 3 YCL and got in too early back in the summer of 2015. The final 3 YCL didn’t occur until February of 2016.

The currency portfolio is up 6%. Slightly outperforming the dollar which is up a little over 4%. We are actually doing better than this as the current trade is still open and well into profits, but since it hasn’t closed yet, 6% is the official number for now. 

The Quest is up 1700%.

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12 thoughts on “SMT PORTFOLIO UPDATE

  1. aceskings

    Gary- with all due respect you have been trading 3x levered products so if your going to compare/discuss performance it should be relative to what your trading. You drew down massive in energy and gold you would be about a wash with market after selling to early and missing a 100 percent move in Nugt from your sale. I will say your stock market calls and outperformance is very strong and was in the face of many critics including me. You deserve credit where it’s due tho and I commend you on your trades so far this year.

    1. Gary Post author

      I’m willing to use triple leveraged funds at ICL’s. That’s the only way to significantly outperform the market.

      This is why I’m a strong believer in cycles analysis. It allows me to step on the gas at the right moments. Usually those are the times when the average trader is afraid to buy.

      I’ve not been willing to trade NUGT yet. Maybe at the next ICL.

      1. aceskings

        I understand my only point is trading nugt and being up 60 percent in my opin is not outperforming when hui is 20 as its a wash. The stock market performance is where you have outperformed and in a big way.

    1. Gary Post author

      One Quest is enough. I’ll see it to the end and then probably retire the Quest for good.

  2. Pipples

    Gary – Has the same Quest run from the start or have you had to restart it many times when it’s gone to 0?

    1. Gary Post author

      We’ve had to restart several times. I knew that would be the case from the beginning. This is why I keep recommending that traders at some point take their susbcripton fee and original stake back out so they are playing with the houses money. We are up enough at this point where everyone should no longer have any risk. That way if we have to start over no one will have actually lost anything.

    1. Gary Post author

      I do think we have a bit more upside but clearly the trade is very mature as it’s been rallying for 4 months.

  3. goldminer

    Hi Gary, I’m a bit lost here with all the different tracks that you offer… There’s the aggressive portfolio, there’s the Quest and there was a while ago some track that talked about making a 100k$ out of 1k$. From what I understood, the latter was already holding 17k$ according to your last update… Furthermore, I was under the impression that you’re intending to open another cycle of that track sometime in late June… If so, I’m willing to join the joy ride ?… So, can you try to sort things out for me all about the tracks?

    1. Gary Post author

      The Quest is the portfolio where we are using options to try and take $1000 to $100,000. We are at $17,000 right now.

      I’m not going to open another Quest until this one is finished, and I doubt I will do a second one after that either.

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