1. Gary Post author

      Gold still hasn’t made a lower low and neither have the miners. They may have already made their ICL bottoms. Only a little more time will tell.

  1. chrisG

    Let me give u guys a tip. Buy miners on Friday. This few days, going to be bloodbath for it. Your buying opportunity to buy low. Gdx is heading for 200dma. And junior miners going to drop 20% ish.

  2. AmantedeTeclas

    Hello there.

    Alexandru is constantly stating that the DOLLAR has to go up into a yearly cycle high before it will go down the dumps. That is confusing me.

    Can anyone explain why that should happen? And has it happened in the past in a similar situation already?


    1. HomerJ

      Recent reports are showing that coffee inventories are at a 4-year low but nothing to worry about.
      Check the weather in Brazil and Columbia, I bet it has something to do with it.

  3. Alexandru Popovici

    so good waiting on cash (just one stock holding) !
    transports are leading with a new low.

    GIMO has not wanted to wait for stocks’ DCL and for me rebuying it 🙁 – just sprung to a new high with +8% today.
    Waiting to rebuy YELP, BCOV, SPAR, QCOM, ERF

    1. Alexandru Popovici

      Chris, I meant Transports were the only segment to continue their daily cycle with a new low, thus leading all indexes and signaling that further downside pressure may ensue shortly from now before DCL is charted.

      That stocks and oil will spring higher in 1-2 days, I agree with you but I prefer waiting for swing low so that I can assess my risk on each position, even if I know I will buy those stocks at higher prices than now.

  4. AmantedeTeclas

    I took the first small long position in oil.

    I am a bit unsure about the chart.

    Since the last top was lower than anticipated could this mean that oil will decline deeper than anticipated?

    Could it even roll over? I understand this last daily cycle now finished left translated.

    Best Regards.

    1. Alexandru Popovici

      I personally would never consider buying before daily swing low under my momentum strategy.
      On my positioning/holding strategy, on the other hand, yes, because that’s a different story: I allow for larger reward/risk ratio for any entry while the investment is built also through a longer time frame and aims at encompassing at least an yearly cycle.
      I employ both momentum and holding strategies for diversification purposes.

      1. AmantedeTeclas

        Well, I don’t have that much time for doing all this research. We broke this ascending trendline today that is supposed to be generating a buy signal if I understood Gary correctly. I am not greedy so I won’t get rich neither headaches. I will add a bit more when I see oil around 43 and a bit around 42 maybe. 🙂

        1. Alexandru Popovici

          check out in trading literature on the net the “merits” of AVERAGING DOWN your trades: going bust is round the corner for you.
          that’s not a guess, it has been statistically proven.

          for you the application of Averaging Down on leveraged trades will make but to quicken your equity evaporation.

          now all this I’ve said to you may not mean much, but YOU WILL REMEMBER MY WORDS IN DUE TIME

          1. AmantedeTeclas

            Thanks, Gary.

            Well, because I never know how deep it will go, I always buy just small positions that don’t bother me ever.

  5. victor

    Looks like they’re going to keep oil down till The International Energy Forum 26th – 28th September, to have oil freeze talk more viable…

  6. Alexandru Popovici

    me too, dear Victor, me too.
    and the worst part was that I was persisting in resorting to averaging down as well as to other stupidities (particularly not dumping a losing trade quickly and employing a reward/risk-based strategy) for too long a time, time after time.

    all that until got so mad at me that I realized that if I wanted to be profitable I markets I had:
    – to start reading trading literature and
    – to change my innate, throng-driven instincts – markets act in the inverted way than the way we are born and taught by society.

  7. victor

    you should consider to write a book …, this is invaluable experience, sometimes taking years to realize one should employ different trading approach strategy … (if person look for it)…

    1. tulip

      Gee Victor I hope he doesn’t write a book… good gravy..
      have a heart!! I can hardly understand a paragraph.

      1. AmantedeTeclas

        Yeah!!! New lows!!! Juuuuust a bit lower is how I want it. The question is then if we are in a bull market for oil or not.

  8. Don

    Averaging down on low quality stocks and commodity futures can easily lead to disaster. Averaging down on ETFs ( other than commodity related or leveraged funds), is a whole different matter. Fund managers dump stocks from an ETF when they are below a certain value threshold, thereby insulating the ETf from bankruptcies. I average down on ETfs all the time with success. even though it sometimes takes a while for a recovery.

  9. Don

    I don’t see any evidence of the PPT in action today. The S&P may close up but lower numbers are coming in the following weeks.

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