13 thoughts on “GOLD AFTER THE FOMC

    1. s29

      You won’t be getting it from me, I said several times “no chance in hell the Fed is going to hike and give the election to Trump” 😉

    2. bill

      Out swimming with the other quacks who will be left way behind scratching their heads … but his call is two years long lol…

  1. s29

    Gary, how do you see the S&P at the moment? Aren’t these panic lows we saw last week usually visited again before really trusting substancially higher?

    1. Gary Post author

      When it comes to stocks I trust my cycles and PPT intervention much more than sentimentraders historical precedents.

      This isn’t the same world anymore. We now live in a world of government managed markets. That’s why over the last 6-7 years we’ve seen things that have never happened before. It’s why we’ve made so much money in the stock market over the last year and a half because I do accept intervention as the norm now, and I’m getting pretty good at anticipating it, at least when it comes to stocks.

  2. Alexandru Popovici

    money pouring into my options account: eg, I wrote earlier the SPY put for December with strike 214 at the price of $5.71 and now I have the ask at $5.15.
    I have no intention of covering my SPY and TLT o-t-m puts, though

    1. Alexandru Popovici

      …and now $4.65 –> PROFIT +18% IN 1 DAY – a very easy profit.
      stop losses of all shorts of SPY and TLT puts are moved into profit.

    1. s29

      Thanks. I thought it was funny because people mentioning adding the CNY to the SDR would be the end of the Dollar. But it seems all the other world currencies (GBP, EUR, JPY) are adjusted a lot more downward than the USD.

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