Monthly Archives: September 2016

SMT update

SMT Portfolio Update

The stock portfolio is currently up 79% over the last 21 months. Handily outperforming the S&P which is only up 5.7% during that period.

The metal portfolio is up 127% over the last 21 months. Gold during this period is up 13.3%. The HUI is up 47%. We are significantly outperforming in this portfolio also.

The energy portfolio is down 16%. Oil during this period is down 14%. I still haven’t had any luck in the energy space yet.

The currency portfolio is up 8%. I don’t recommend anyone trade currencies even though we are still up in the portfolio. They are the most heavily manipulated markets on the planet.

And as of today the Quest portfolio is up 2400%. I’m hoping by next spring to have accomplished the goal and turned a $1000 initial stake into a $100,000 profit.

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